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Data Security / GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Revolution Development Asia works with and is able to consult with clients and partners to ensure PI (Personal Information) is processed according to data privacy standards (GDPR among others).  In this process the following high-level items are considered, and built into solution processes:

  • Data security
  • Data retention policy
  • Cross-border data processing
  • Level of data sensitivity

Data is powerful andshould be managed with care and responsibility.

GDPR Compliant
Data security

Data security

All provided solutions consider the level of security required, which may vary from case to case.  For example – a internal / non-internet facing company wiki which can only be accessed on-premise vs. an external / accessible via internet employee site with which managers can access all employee HR information. 

In both cases we will identify how to secure your data in the most efficient manner.Important areas we consider are listed below, in some cases we use NetIQ (from MicroFocus Borland) to provide a best-practice solution.

  • Identity governance
  • Access management (centralised for all solutions within the company)
  • Log management
  • Conduct access certifications

NetIQ Access Review

NetIQ® Access Review is an identity governance platform that helps you run effective access certification campaigns and implement identity governance controls to meet compliance mandates while proactively mitigating risk.

It replaces error-prone, time-consuming manual methods that can expose your organization to compliance violations and risk from excessive access.

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