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Business Intelligence

As the human mind gets answers to questions, more questions are asked! Qlik enables organisations to truly gain insight to their information by providing a plethora of ways to explore and interrogate information, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity or threat. 

Alerting, embedded analytics, predictive analytics and ability to access on any mobile platform ensure users can access information anywhere.  Qlik enables insights that are only discovered through exploration of your data in the way that a human mind works: Naturally

Qlikview official partner

Official partner

Revolution Development Asia is proud to be long time partner with Qlik as data analytics solution. Our staff is certified Qlik Architect and Qlik Developer with regular updates on their certifications regarding what’s new on the market.

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Information automatically collected from any source


Ability to interact with data and share insights to allow history, trend or predictive analysis


Automated delivery of normal, static reports and alerts


Embed your analytics in websites or other reports

KPI tracking

KPI tracking and GEO analytics can track performance per branches, employee, etc.

Qlikview on desktop